Integrated Partnership Schools

The 2016 – 2017 Integrated Partnership Schools Program consists of four high schools that have deeply integrated youth-serving-organizations into their school structure and culture. This program focuses on strengthening the presence and alignment of 21st century skill building opportunities provided to students between schools and their partner organizations. Key stakeholders from both the school and their partner organization will engage in a series of workshops that focus on how they can better bridge their services to offer students a more integrated 21st century skill building high school experience.

SCO Family of Services serves as the CBO partner for the school since its inception. SCO is involved in strategic planning of the school and day to day operations. Advocate Counselors are integrated into the classrooms and work side by side with the teachers to target the socio-emotional development of the students.

Through Hudson High School’s partnership with STOKED, students are offered resources and opportunities to engage in action sports culture through project-based learning, which provides outlets for self-expression, self-discipline, creativity, and relationship building. The partnership allows students to learn how to snowboard, skateboard, and surf, as well as gain professional mentoring in order to become college and career ready.

Through Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School’s (FLHFHS) partnership with Rocking the Boat, they seek to expand student opportunities to develop 21st century skills inside and outside of the school. In order to bridge in-and-out of school learning, students at FLHFS engage in both Rocking the Boat’s On Water Classroom (out-of-school experience) and FLHFHS’s Bronx River project­-based curriculum (in-school experience).

Brooklyn International High School has cultivated a partnership with Beam Center over the past four years. Through the partnership, students have had multiple opportunities to learn a variety of technical skills such as soldering, circuitry, electronics, perspective drawing, and programming as well as 21st century skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and perseverance. Teachers benefit from this partnership, as they have been able to conceptualize curriculum projects in new ways through the incorporation of digital fabrication tools. The Beam Center instructors bring a unique perspective to classrooms and are able to work with teachers to create learning opportunities that stimulate students to think critically, collaborate, and begin to understand the inner workings of the digital devices they interact with on an everyday basis.