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NYC Skills Lab Announces “I Am Awesome” Campaign Celebrating 21st Century Skills

NYC Skills Lab is proud to present our “I Am Awesome” Campaign. Throughout the year, our students, educators and school partners have worked together to ensure that as a community, we prepare our students for a future of constant change. With the “I Am Awesome” Campaign, NYC Skills Lab sought to celebrate and uplift the voices of students whose lives have been greatly impacted by the 21st century skills development they received in the classroom, through youth-serving organizations, and internships.

Watch our Introduction Video:

NYC Skills Lab has three initiatives that focus on cultivating students skills development in and out-of-school. The Skills Fellowship brings 21st century skills to the classroom. Students directly engage in verbal communication, problem solving and other 21st century skills through classroom learning. Want to know more about how students have grown through consistent practice of 21st century skills? Click the link below:

John Adams YABC –

Another NYC Skills Lab initiative is the Integrated Schools Partnership. It brings 21st century skills such as collaboration and social awareness to students through extended learning opportunities.. The organizations involved are programs that prioritize the development of these skills through hands on learning – such as with STOKED through action sports, or BEAM Center through digital fabrication projects. Outside of the school setting, practicing 21st century skills looks different than it does in the classroom. Want to know how students continue to challenge themselves with the practice of these skills outside of school?

STOKED Mentoring –

The third initiative under NYC Skills Lab, the Workforce Alliance, focuses on supporting students to be prepared for internship success by focusing on 21st century skills development through internship programs. The workforce alliance brings students, schools and businesses together to help students adapt and learn from the work environment, while also honing skills such as personal mindset and planning for success. Students learn the work readiness skills that will push them further in life, and that will allow them to do well in an evolving workforce. To learn more, check the link below:

Richard R. Green High School of Teaching –