Bronx Arena High School

Fresh Prep is an arts integrated test-prep program that uses culturally responsive pedagogy and original hip hop music to prepare students with the skills and content they need to pass standardized exams in Social Studies and ELA. Through the guidance of teaching artists, the program leads students to develop a sense of academic self-efficacy, confidence and renewed interests in learning.

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Implemented Partnership Program

Partnership Skills Focus

  • Personal Mindset

Increasing Growth Mindset

In Spring 2017, Fresh Prep began a partnership with Bronx Arena high school, an asynchronous transfer school. Using Bronx Arena’s innovative Student Tracker, which allows students to go through the completion of personalized tasks, the partnership has piloted a model of the Fresh Prep program that can operate in highly individualized environments, such as YABC’s and transfer schools. With a model that combines independent study, technology and a culturally responsive approach, students at Bronx Arena have already shown increased confidence toward state standardized exams and an expanded curiosity for learning. As a result of utilizing a Culturally Relevant Pedagogical approach, where students are introduced to historical content via popular memes and social media references, and recite and create original music and media, students are being recognized for their ability to code-switch, inherent global curiosity, and cultural competence.