Edita Volovodovskaya & Andrew Marquez

YABC at John Adams High School

At YABC at John Adams High School, Edita serves as the Assistant Principal and Andrew Serves as an Assistant Director. Both Andrew and Edita oversee the internship and career readiness programming at their school. Through weekly internship group meetings and a career readiness class, students are able to work on developing themselves for the world of work.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative: Work Readiness

  • Shared themes between weekly internship group meetings and a career readiness academic class
  • An explicit focus to developing skills associated with demonstrating perseverance
  • Weekly intern meetings that focus on developing as a young professional
  • Students receive support on cultivating work readiness tools such as resumes & cover letters

Building Block Spotlight: Personal Mindset >> Needs minimal supervision to complete tasks

The skill of needing minimal supervision to complete tasks is one that we try to instill into every student. Students are responsible for filling out their timesheets and submitting them on time. To prepare these students for this process, we review the policies for timesheets, review how to fill them out, review pay periods and the significance of the accuracy of timesheets. Repetition and constant coaching have proved to be the best method for working on this process. The skill is important because it encourages the students to be more accountable and responsible for their work and tasks. While we are available to help and coach them, we help students understand that self-sufficiency is an important skill to possess.
- Edita Volovodovskaya & Andrew Marquez