Elizabeth Oliver

The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Mangagement

At Fordham High School for the Arts, Liz serves as the Partnership Coordinator. Her role includes being the primary liaison to industry partners, representing the interest of the school and needs of its students in designing and running course electives, internship programs, and summer enrichment experiences.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative

During the 2016-17 academic year, Liz will draw on the expertise of professional teaching artists in a variety of fields to run activities that help students develop their skills in ways that are fun, unconventional, and engaging. Through these experiences, students will make explicit connections between the skills that the activities foster and their application in work based learning experiences.

Building Block Spotlight: Verbal Communication

When a student’s verbal communication skills are finely honed, they can enter a new environment with confidence, can advocate for themselves, clarify things they don’t understand, make others feel heard, think flexibly, and negotiate disagreement with openness and empathy.