Emily Birden

School of the Future

At School of the Future, Emily serves as both an Environmental Science Teacher and Internship Coordinator for her school’s internship program. All 11th and 12th grade students at School of the Future complete interest-based internships for academic credit. Students receive classroom and worksite training to develop 21st century employability skills for college & career success.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative: Work Readiness

  • Personalized post secondary planning takes place in grades 10-12 in a weekly course on college & career planning
  • Students take learning outside of the classroom and into the workforce through the internship program
  • Students conduct independent research in each of the four disciplines (math, science, English, history) as part of the Exhibition process, a rigorous performance-based assessment completed in place of the Regents exam

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving >> Identifies alternative ideas/processes that are more effective than the ones previously used/suggested

When students have mastered this skill, they can clearly articulate the problem and its causes, creatively and effectively arrive at options for solving the problem, critically think about the pros and cons of each course of action, and pull the necessary information, resources and team members to implement the solution.