Linda Key & Anthony Di Masso

Fordham High School for the Arts

At Fordham High School for the Arts, Linda serves as both a CTE Drama Teacher, an Arthur Miller Fellow and a Work Based Learning Coordinator. Anthony Di Masso serves as a  new CTE Music Production Teacher and a Work Based Learning Coordinator. For the 2017-2018 school year, Linda will be teaching an elective course to 25 students geared towards exposing students to the 21st century core employability skills in preparation for theater based internships. The Spring Skills Lab course will serve as a pilot before scaling school-wide in the 2018-2019 school year.

Partnerships include: Vital Theatre, The Drilling Company, Symphony Space, Roundabout Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, Wonderworks Construction, SteelDeck and DSF.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative: Work Readiness

  • Students engage in interactive student-designed role plays to develop targeted skills
  • Scaffolded internship opportunities that allow for student growth and varied work experiences

Building Block Spotlight: Planning for Success >> Manages time to complete tasks on schedule.

“The students that are chosen for internship placement are high performing sophomores, juniors and seniors who must juggle many challenging core content classes (AP, Honors) as well college applications and extra curricular rehearsals and multiple additional commitments. It is imperative that they learn how to plan in advance so as not to be overwhelmed by conflicting deadlines. Anticipating possible issues and preparing assignments in advance is key to success in the workplace and in life.” - Linda Key

“As an active musician outside of teaching, I am extremely familiar with the speed competition, and expectations of a modern musician / producer. Proper planning allows me to consistently meet the needs that continue to bring work into my studio.” - Anthony Di Masso