Scott Jackson

Brooklyn International High School

At Brooklyn International High School, Scott serves as both a Teacher and as a member of the 11th grade internship team for the past 10 years. As a member of the internship team, he has been responsible for creating curriculums and internship seminars that run weekly during students’ 10-week internship experience. Over the years Scott has been an integral part of his team by finding and developing new partners and also maintaining relationships with older, long-term partnerships.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative

During the 2016-17 academic year, Scott will focus on developing a system where all students are able to focus on developing specific 21st century skills with the support of the partner sites. In an effort to measure student growth, he will be developing an evaluation system that will measure student achievement and mastery of 21st century skills targeted.

Building Block Spotlight: Personal Mindset

When a student has a strong Personal Mindset when thinking of our internship program, they have developed a routine at their site, know what is expected of them, and have created with their supervisor an interesting and varied work experience... In the end, they see value in their experience and are making the most of it!