Valerie Gary

Academy for Young Writers

At Academy for Young Writers, Valerie serves as the bridge school counselor to 8th and 9th grade students, providing them transitional support into the school. In addition to coordinating the entire application process for incoming students, as a counselor, she conducts group counseling and mediation for students in her school. This year she will take on the additional responsibility of creating and facilitating career readiness workshops and discussions with a cohort of high school seniors participating in internships.

21st Century Skills Building Initiative

During the 2016-17 academic year, Valerie will conduct a series of career readiness workshops to support students before entering their internship experiences. Her focus will be to support students in developing the skills they need to effectively meet their employer’s performance standards. Her aim is to provide students meaningful ways to build the skills they need to succeed and to have them reflect on their own development.

Building Block Spotlight: Verbal Communication

Students will feel comfortable and confident talking to different populations regardless of status, race, ethnicity, or role in an effort to advocate for themselves and the things they care about. Academy For Young Writers plans to practice and master the art of effective verbal communication through different avenues such as mediations with peers and clarifying questions with teachers.