Annabel D’Souza

Chemistry Teacher / Data Specialist
Secondary School for Journalism

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning is a negotiation of ideas and an exploration of experiences that students engage in with each other and with their environment to arrive at a truth about the universe. To facilitate this endeavor teachers should provide opportunities for students to not only learn academic content but also grow in the skills needed to access and assess that content. This requires intentional planning, modeling, scaffolding, and practice of skills and teachers should provide these opportunities to tap into that potential.

Building Block Spotlight: Personal Mindset

Students exhibit growth mindset with they state ‘this is hard, but I will try again’ or when students in my chemistry class ask me ‘Can I correct and resubmit this class assignment for a higher grade?’ This shows perseverance and a keen focus on improving. I support my students in this skill through the summary activity. Students are asked on a weekly basis to write a journal reflection related to something they did or said that demonstrated growth mindset.