Carol Sun

Visual Thinking Lab Instructor & Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Manhattan Early College for Advertising

My Teaching Philosophy

As a professional artist/designer and educator, I have a unique set of skills and knowledge, which I can use to help students develop their assets and aspirations into a successful career and life. My work is deeply motivated by the vast inequities that are present in our global landscape that stem from social injustice, and how the growing “digital wave” will replace many jobs with automation. At MECA I am working to create curriculum and school culture where we can educate youth to become global citizens and leaders, not just service workers. I use hands-on, project based learning to teach students to cultivate their passions and professional skills such as: creativity, critical thinking, and communication literacy.

Building Block Spotlight: Personal Mindset

A student who is practicing Personal Mindset is able to work independently and persevere to solve a challenging problem. I plan to support my students by giving them positive motivation and modeling professional solutions to meeting a challenge.