Jackie Newton

English Teacher
The Williamsburg High School for Architecture & Design

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy as an educator in the 21st century is to prepare my students to be successful, contributing citizens in today’s global and technological society. I see myself as the hand gently motivating and facilitating their learning, guiding them to becoming independent learners, critical thinkers and inquirers. The young minds entrusted to my care are the world’s future leaders. Therefore, it is imperative that they are provided with the necessary skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, strong written and oral communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. These are the building blocks of a 21st century teaching curriculum that will not only engage students, but will equip them with skills and knowledge necessary to answer real-world problems, respond to local and global issues, and formulate questions that challenge assumptions and dispel biases.

Building Block Spotlight: Collaboration

This skill is present when students are working together, discussing ideas with each other, or doing research on a computer all in a lively environment. I will support students by listening, scaffolding and facilitating discussions leading to collaborative problem solving in the classroom.