Marc Sole

PBAT Biology Teacher
East Side Community High School

My Teaching Philosophy

Any time you can teach something that is rigorous, fun, and makes sense in the scope of the outside world you are on the right track. Being able to take content that fits those categories and layer on technological skills that the students will be needing as they leave high school and go on to college and their careers is something that I strive to do with each project.

Building Block Spotlight: Planning for Success

When students are really working well within the planning for success building block, they are able to identify the discrete components of their experiments, research and papers and break them down into actionable pieces that don't look so intimidating. When I give them a due date, they can break down their work into little goals that result in their work being complete by the actual due date. These little goals also serve as momentum builders for students who find the whole project too great, with each one completed, they can feel successful and that they are one step closer to completing their PBAT. I'd like to further integrate tools such as google classroom and calendar and teach students how to use those effectively to make their own timelines.