Melissa Tortora

English Teacher
Hudson High School

My Teaching Philosophy

I strongly believe in an ‘I-do, we-do, you-do’ philosophy. Students need models of excellence to observe and a helping hand while working to produce something for the first time before they can produce subsequent pieces on their own. One of the most intimidating sights in the world can be a blank piece of paper or computer screen in front of you, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Building Block Spotlight: Personal Mindset

Without self-awareness, self-motivation, and resilience in the face of failures, a student cannot be independent, and a solid sense of self and one's abilities is essential to plan for success and work well with others. In my classroom, this would look like students actively engaged in their work, not seeking assistance until they have genuinely grappled with challenges on their own, and first seeking that assistance from peers. I plan to support students in developing this skill to its full potential by providing clear instruction for tasks via multiple access points so that students have the information they need from a variety of sources.