Suraj Gopal

Learning Specialist
Special Music School

My Teaching Philosophy

My decision to join Hudson High School of Learning Technologies five years ago greatly impacted my teaching framework. While I shy away from labeling my philosophy with one particular school of thought, my work mixes elements of traditional and progressive instruction. At Hudson, I have the luxury of working with a student body that is one-to-one with laptops. I have continually taken advantage of this by planning units and lessons that utilize applications and the internet to deepen access to content. I regularly blend direct instruction, along with ‘Do Now’ questions and ‘Exit Tickets’, with collaborative and long-form independent work. My conviction remains that the content and skills focus should determine the instructional strategy. When it comes to content, however, I feel quite strongly that I would like to expose my students to a social justice oriented curriculum. The longer I work with many disenfranchised students, the more I see that exposing systemic injustice in society, and promoting the value of a good education in knowing one’s rights and history, is crucial in emboldening this population.

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

Problem Solving is a cornerstone of the classroom where students are presented with a complex, layered question and requested to dig into resources in order to develop a position on it; students parse these resources and, whether in collaborative debate or independent writing, construct arguments for a side, refining their topic knowledge along the way.