Tim Hatlee

Mathematics Teacher
The Academy for Software Engineering

My Teaching Philosophy

The way that I approach teaching and learning in my classroom is entirely rooted in my fundamental belief that all students have the ability to realize success if they are provided a learning environment that individualizes instruction to their unique personalities and circumstances. I believe that learning is a loud, messy, collaborative process in which every student has an integral voice within a cooperative learning group and the success of that group requires the input and communicative abilities of every member of that group. To be an effective learner in my classroom, students must not pursue ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but rather discover which aspects of a method worked and which aspects need to be refined so that knowledge can be transferred to new situations. I believe that students realize the most success when they foster independence in a student-centered classroom that promotes intellectual engagement and concept invention/exploration within a group model.

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

When students are demonstrating their best-problem solving selves, they are proposing new solution processes after carefully reviewing known information and gathering diverse perspectives, testing those solution processes for efficacy, and refining the process to its most optimal form. My students will work in cooperative learning groups through a guided-inquiry process that leverages input from all members, asks students to develop solutions to new mathematical models using prior knowledge, and requires refinement of solution methods by testing in new environments, all while capturing their thinking using the latest technology.