David Morris

Physics and Fabrication Teacher
Energy Tech High School

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that regardless of what you teach, it needs to connect to the bigger picture of life. This definitely means that teachers should constantly be connecting the content they are delivering to the life experiences of their students. But I also think this means that teachers need to be teaching students the skills the world expects them to have when they step out of the classroom. Educators should be integrating problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and teamwork into everything we do so that our students are ready for the demands of whatever they choose to do next.

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

Successful problem solvers define the problem they are facing, generate potential solutions, evaluate these solutions using a defined criteria, and then implement the best option. When students are successful at problem solving, you see them follow these steps on their way to developing new and creative solutions to the problem.

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching my students to be successful problem solvers.
  • Creating a classroom where my students work together in collaborative teams to build robots and problem solve.
  • Creating a logical and coherent plan of instruction for addressing the targeted skills building blocks of problem solving, personal mindset, and collaboration.
  • Establishing a “flipped” classroom.