Ellie Williamson

Living Environment Teacher
Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

My Teaching Philosophy

I have always loved science and I really enjoy teaching science to my students. I was fortunate to have had strong and exceptional science teachers when I was in high school. Their love for science was inspiring. They fostered a desire in me to want to learn more and to study science in a collegiate setting. The experiences that they created in their class have influenced the way that I view and teach science to my students. It is important to me that my students:

  • experience science in a hands-on approach as often as possible, so that they can see and make connections between the theory of the concept and the application of the concept.
  • are given many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of scientific concepts through reading and writing.
  • feel safe, confident, and comfortable to speak with each other about science related issues.

Building Block Spotlight: Planning for Success

Planning for success is a skill set that is of great interest to me because students will be more focused, thoughtful, deliberate and reflective in their work. I can help my students as they learn this skill set through using google applications where they can document their plans, include timelines for completion of tasks and record comments where they will receive peer and teacher feedback.

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching my students planning for success skills as a means to empower them.
  • Using peers, classroom resources, and technology to foster student independence.
  • Increasing my students’ critical science literacy through explicit teaching of the verbal communication skills.
  • Creating projects and activities that requires my students to share their ideas, discuss solutions, and create presentations in collaborative groups.