Hanh Bui

Chemistry Teacher
Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design

My Teaching Philosophy

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’  by: Lao Tzu  ‘A problem is only unsolvable until a solution is provided.’

Each student has the desire to become a problem solver. However, each student is also faced with the challenge of overcoming his or her lack of knowledge and skills. Working with students I have learned that all students are capable of learning.  However, many of them are not having the proper chance to because they may not have learned the foundational skills that are needed to be a “good” student.  It is my job to teach my kids these skills so that they can reach their full potentials.

Building Block Spotlight: Verbal Communication

I decided to focus on this building block instead of Problem Solving this year because many of my students are unable to vocalize the problems or questions they may have. Thus, I feel that it will be beneficial to my students to learn how to ask good questions. Once they understand the questions, they will therefore be better prepared to start solving the problem. To develop verbal communication skills, students are being given question stems to help develop good questions using the Bloom Taxonomy structures. Students will develop questions and will use these questions to get the other students in the class to help them develop a better understanding of the materials being learned.

What I'm Working on

  • Explicitly teach and create opportunities for my students to develop verbal communication skills.  
  • Giving positive feedback to my students as they practice and develop their verbal communication skills. I have found that I tend to spend more time giving negative feedback than encouraging students with positive feedbacks.  I have find that each time that I remember to give positive feedbacks, the students seem to improve in their skills, behaviors, and performance in class.  As a result, I need to work on incorporating more positive feedbacks during class time.
  • Being more reflective in my craft.  This becomes especially important because I like to implement new strategies in my attempt to create the best learning environment for my kids.  After each implementation, I will reflect on the outcomes and determine what needs to be changed in order to provide my students with the support they need to do better in school.