Karen Miller

Computer Aided Drafting & Work Based Learning Teacher
Energy Tech High School

My Teaching Philosophy

Coming from the industry and  having worked as a structural engineer, I aim to bring real-world experience into my classroom as much as possible.  I find many students are afraid of engineering and put it off as scary and too complicated for them to pursue.  Through project based learning, I show students THAT engineering and design can be broken down into small and easy to navigate steps.  I also like to emphasize that it takes many types of personalities and a great team to solve problems.  

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

Problem Solving is the basis of my classroom where students are brainstorming ideas with sketches, piling on ideas as a group, and ranking and evaluating ideas within a decision matrix. I know students are using their problem solving skills effectively when they are coming up with multiple, varying solutions. Students should aim to create the best possible solution, rather than just a solution to complete the project.

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching problem solving skills to my students
  • Working  with industry partners to align curriculum with the required technical skills and the targeted 21st century skills
  • Creating more of a maker space mentality in my classroom
  • Exposing students to different jobs and workplaces
  • Fostering creativity and encouraging students to think outside the box