Kelley Wolcott

English Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator
South Brooklyn Community High School

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is most strongly guided by the work of Paolo Freire. I strongly believe that all teachers are students first and that education is not relevant if teachers don’t consistently build their practice in partnership with colleagues and students. I make every effort to design learning experiences that are engaging, real world, and collaborative that simultaneously build “hard” and “soft” skills while empowering students to take ownership of their learning and the world around them. My primary focus for the past three years at South Brooklyn Community High School has been to work on building a culture of service through the creation of a Service Learning program that embeds service into curriculum as well as a project based course.

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

Our focus will be on the Problem Solving Block, which is a critical skill that touches on every part of our lives academic, personal, and professional; we hope to see students succeed in addressing a real world problem that they care about through service learning projects that they design based on in depth research they have done using the MISO Method.

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching problem solving skills to my students
  • Merging  21st century skills targets and CDOS standards into the Service Learning curriculum so that we can offer the CDOS 4+1 option
  • helping students internalize the five stages of Service Learning (investigation, planning and preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration) as a way of learning problem solving skills.
  • teaching the MISO Method (Media, Interview, Survey, and Observation) so students intricately understand the topic that they are researching.
  • helping students develop verbal communication skills so they can seek volunteering opportunities and internships
  • working with community partners such as the Beam Center to expand the type of projects we can do.