Meghan Leston

English and Journalism Teacher
YABC at John Adams High School

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students should be given many opportunities to learn. In addition, students should have some choice in their learning. They should be able to learn through contribution to a larger project with the ability to reflect on what was learned throughout the process. While it is important to provide students with content, the ability to develop skills that can carry over to other areas in life is essential. In order for students to get the most out of the educational process, they must be developing skills along with the basic content knowledge. In the John Adams YABC Program we focus on project based learning that allows students to develop skills. Students work to learn how to develop academic skills which will translate to skills that they can utilize in a professional environment.

Building Block Spotlight: Planning for Success

I'm teaching planning for success skills explicitly in my classroom so my students are better able to manage their time to increase productivity

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching planning for success skills.
  • Encourage students to practice their verbal communication skills, specifically being able to give and receive feedback
  • Incorporating skills instruction into daily learning by planning and designing engaging activities that allow students to develop their skills practice
  • Creating a classroom environment where students are more independent and more engaged in the daily learning.