Nereida Rama

French Teacher
Secondary School for Journalism

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has evolved over a number of years first as a graduate student then as an educator. It is grounded on the belief that teaching should provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning and that the classroom is a living and thriving community where everybody has something unique to contribute. I believe that teaching is a twofold process: it teaches content but also addresses student learning. To that end my instruction tries to answer two questions: What knowledge and skills do I want the students to acquire and how do the knowledge and skills benefit the students and the society?

Building Block Spotlight: Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication is a skill is that is central to language learning. Students are engaged in conversations or correspondence in French with the aim of providing and obtaining information, expressing feelings and emotions and exchanging opinions on a variety of topics. I provide students with listening, speaking and writing activities where they experience the language by producing written/spoken conversations, writing notes or role - play activities. In addition they discover the uniqueness of many cultures from the francophone countries through the use of technology and authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers and books.

What I'm Working on

  • Teaching verbal communication skills to my students
  • Building a classroom where my students have many opportunities to practice verbal communication skills and collaboration skills so they can problem solve together as they are exposed to a new language and new culture
  • Helping students  develop ownership and responsibility for the learning process through inquiry with emphasis on hands-on discovery and interdisciplinary project-based learning
  • Supporting my students as they learn to navigate different social situations