Yenmin Young

Physics and Sustainability Engineering Teacher
East Side Community High School

My Teaching Philosophy

My classroom involves a lot of hands-on activities and connections to real world issues. When it is hands-on, the content becomes more accessible to more students and every student has some experience to refer to. Framing the material with real world problems gives authentic meaning and purpose to the students’ education.

Building Block Spotlight: Problem Solving

Students have an opportunity to be creative, to think outside the box while looking for solutions and to critically assess issues as they arise while developing their solution. I plan to help them be creative by doing activities that help them think outside the box and challenge them to think differently than what they are used to.

What I'm Working on

  • Teach problem solving skills to my students  
  • Developing protocols and routines that support student reflection so students are tracking and evaluating their 21st century skills development
  • Creating an authentic rubric with 21st century skills integration so I can assess my students fairly and accurately